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Wait, what? Kim Kardashian gets trumped by her sister

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It may seem you can’t pick up a magazine or go anywhere online without being bombarded by Kim Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West, but according to Businessweek, Kim isn’t the family member that has the most pull nowadays. Turns out, youngest Jenner sister, Kylie, has the most pull among consumers.

While Kim experienced a spike in popularity during the time surrounding her wedding this year and the other Jenner sister, Kendall, was well sought-after during her runway appearance at this year’s New York Fashion Week, it’s Kylie who has steadily been edging out her siblings when it comes to setting fashion trends. Businessweek’s data was compiled based on the analysis of fashion site Polyvore’s 20 million monthly unique visitors, and the trend-seekers who search the site seem to be looking to copy Kylie’s self-described “girly-goth” look most often.

At 17 years old, Kylie hasn’t just been sitting around on her bum and reaping the rewards of her family’s successes. She’s penned a novel, made modeling appearances and serves as the face of a Steve Madden shoe collection alongside Kendall. Kylie also started her own line of hair extensions, called Kylie Hair Kouture. The extensions line stemmed from the massive popularity of the blue hair color Kylie donned at sister Kim’s wedding in May.

And while Kylie is undoubtedly enjoying her teenage millionaire status, she’s also finding it might not be as amazing as everyone thinks. In March, she took to Twitter to beg the public to grant her a shred of privacy. “I made the decision to keep as much of my life as personal as possible while continuing the reality show,” she tweeted. “So what I’m trying to say is there’s a part of me you don’t see so don’t go judging people if u haven’t walked a mile in their shoes.”

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