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Happy Endings‘ Casey Wilson encourages you to sleep with your boss

Casey Wilson threw out the classic words of wisdom, “Don’t mix business with pleasure,” and she is now getting frank about her results in an essay for Cosmopolitan.

The hilarious article is titled “Yes, I Slept With My Boss” and opens with an honest explanation of what got Wilson to that point in her career and personal life.

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“I have always been attracted to men with ‘power,’ despite the fact that the guys I usually dated were by turns: a poet, a magician named Ashley, and a dog walker,” Wilson writes. “This all changed when I was cast as Penny Hartz on an ABC sitcom called Happy Endings and I met the show’s creator and boss, David Caspe.”

Wilson says she was immediately smitten with Caspe, but her attempts to woo him were initially unsuccessful since he was her boss. This was a problem for him and not for her. At all.

“He had been given a stern mandate to ‘never date the actresses.’ And while those are wise words for everyone to live by, I was crushed. Where was this ‘casting couch’ I had been so stringently warned about?! But he was not having it. Which made me like and respect him even more.”

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Until he canceled on their Valentine’s Day plans the day of.

“Vowing he would suffer, I paraded a Hollywood who’s who of who’s that in front of him, to no avail,” Wilson says.

Of course, there’s plenty of humor throughout Wilson’s essay, but there are also some serious words of wisdom that are actually useful. Let’s be honest, those cliché adages don’t really do anyone any good when attraction is at play.

“Maddeningly enough, I had to wait for David [Caspe] to be ready. This was one situation I couldn’t control. It was both a complete nightmare but also incredibly freeing.”

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Finally, after a year of friendship and working together, Caspe was ready. The two started dating and were engaged a year and a half later.

Wilson recognizes sleeping with anyone you work with, but especially your boss, is a big risk. “It was a roll of the dice, but so is love,” she says. “And if you think you have a chance at real love, I say roll ’em.

“So, yes. I slept with my boss, but I also married him. So that makes me his boss. Destiny fulfilled.”

You can watch Wilson on her new show, Marry Me (which Caspe also wrote), tonight on NBC at 9 p.m.

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