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Chris Rock returns to dominate the Saturday Night Live stage

Chris Rock is set to return to Saturday Night Live as host on the Nov. 1 episode and he’ll be joined by musical guest, Prince. To celebrate, we’re taking a look at some of his previous appearances.

Though Rock’s career basically started on the SNL stage, he’s only been back one other time as host since he left in 1993.

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As for Prince, he’s only been on the show twice, once back in 1981 and, then, more recently in 2006. There’s no doubt he’s a fantastic musical act, but after seeing his droll turn on New Girl last season, how amazing would it be to see him in a few skits himself?

Whether Prince decides to try his hand at a skit or two remains to be seen, but Rock will undoubtedly kill it. Here are a few of his past appearances on SNL to remind you of just how hilarious he is.

First up is a clip of Rock in a skit called “The Dark Side,” where he is the host of a 15-minute show where he does everything from talk about how “the man” is keeping his show from being longer, to counting down the top five reasons white people can’t dance.

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Next up is a clip from one of Rock’s appearances on Weekend Update. He talks about his experiences on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and his confusion as to why some white folks don’t seem to appreciate the fact that, at the very least, it’s a free day off work.

Here are some clips from Rock’s previous time as host of SNL. His opening monologue is a laugh riot that starts out with comments about President Clinton and moves on to topics like gays in the military and sexual harassment.
The next skit poses the question: What happens when animals attack in high-speed chases? Rock stars in the first bit as a man on the run from police who is suddenly attacked by a rodent.

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Next up is a video that isn’t the best quality, but it’s definitely worth cranking up the volume. Rock makes another appearance on Weekend Update, this time talking about the minimum wage.
How excited are you for Chris Rock and Prince’s return to Saturday Night Live?

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