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Rene Russo reveals unexpected disorder (VIDEO)

Rene Russo was one of the most polarizing actresses of the ’90s, but it wasn’t all easy for the actress. She appeared on The Queen Latifah Show this week and revealed she has been battling mental illness for most of her life.

Breaking the mental illness stigma

My mom said my whole childhood was stop and go,” Russo explained, according to People. “And then I stopped and was like, ‘Whoa,’ that was it for me. I didn’t really expect to say this, but that was really it for me.”

The Thor actress explained her battle with bipolar disorder, a diagnosis that wasn’t easy to come by, because depression is talked about so much more than bipolar disorder. Queen Latifah asked Russo why she finally decided to take medication and she explained, “I literally crashed, hit a wall and couldn’t get out of bed. I thought it was depression, but if you take antidepressants it speeds you up more.”

Russo was on the show promoting her new film, Nightcrawler, along with costar, Jake Gyllenhaal. The actress said she is revealing her struggles because she hopes it will help people.

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“I haven’t shared this,” she said. “I have friends who don’t want to go on medication and they are suffering.”

“Thank you so much for sharing that,” said Latifah. “That can really help some people.”

Russo and Gyllenhaal’s episode of The Queen Latifah Show is expected to air Oct. 30.

Watch a clip here:

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