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New Girl taps a Girls alum for Nick’s new love interest

There’s a new girl on New Girl! If our prediction is right, this will not be OK for Jess.

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Fox announced today that former Girls actress, Greta Lee, will join the New Girl gang for a three-episode arc. From the limited information available, it sounds as if she could play a potential new love interest for Nick. We, of course, are not OK with this.

Lee will play the granddaughter of our favorite recurring cast member, Tran. In case you don’t remember, Tran is the elderly man Nick originally met on a park bench. Despite being mute, he’s become Nick’s mentor and occasional bath buddy. We assume Lee will be slightly more talkative.

The Hollywood Reporter described her appearance on New Girl by saying, “Lee will make her first appearance as Kai in the Thanksgiving episode, catching Nick’s eye at the loft’s annual holiday dinner.” They also stated she will, indeed, be a new love interest for Nick.

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That’s… cool? This season, we’ve already witnessed Jess’ first attempts to move on from Nick when she speed dated and then tried things out with the super-hunky guy with the micro penis. Of course, that ended in disaster. We understand the complexities of Nick and Jess’ relationship, why they are seemingly a terrible couple and how boring New Girl would be if we got what we wanted right away.

If Lee’s time on Girls or her various roles on Inside Amy Schumer are any indicator, she will certainly make for a brilliant addition to the cast. That doesn’t mean we aren’t desperately hoping Lee’s character doesn’t last long. Nor does it mean we won’t continue to cross our fingers for the eventual and more permanent pairing of Jess and Nick. We really don’t think it’s too much to ask.

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