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WGN America guarantees Manhattan Season 2 in 2015

Thought you were done with the nuclear race? Think again. WGN America has promised to bring back Manhattan next summer.

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Just ahead of their Sunday night Season 1 finale, WGN America has announced the renewal of Manhattan. The show marks the network’s second foray into original programming and, ultimately, their second success story. Manhattan hasn’t done as exceedingly well as their first hit, Salem, but it’s pulled in quite the following, averaging 1.2 million viewers per episode.

Anyone who refers to the ’40s as “simpler times” need only watch an episode of the fictionalized Manhattan for a refresher course on what life was really like in the early 1940s. For residents of Los Alamos and for the scientists working on the Manhattan project, life was far from simple. Caught in the midst of the nuclear race, scientists (mostly men) worked long hours on a top-secret mathematical mission to build a bomb that could put America on top. Meanwhile, their wives works just yards away, left entirely in the dark about what their mad scientist husbands did all day.

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The wives’ lives were just as much a matter of national security, though. When arriving in Manhattan, families were given nothing more than a PO box to which they must report. Once there, every letter or parcel sent in or out of their confining fences was subject to search. The massive amount of military personnel watched every move the families made within the fences (they were rarely let outside) and the tiniest perceived slip-up could be seen as treachery. Season 1 has been filled to the brim with lies, deceit, cheating and death. A second season can only promise more of that same high-stakes drama.

Feel like you’ve missed out on an amazing first season of big lies and big booms? That’s become you have. Luckily, you have a week to catch up before Manhattan‘s season finale on Sunday, Oct. 19. Bake a pie, put the kids to bed early and prepare for one seriously enthralling moment in television and American(-ish) history.

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