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If you enter Selena Gomez’s house unannounced, you may get a serious eyeful

Selena Gomez stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday to chat about all the changes in her life in the past year, and the fact that she walks around her swanky new pad naked.

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Gomez moved out of her parents’ house earlier this year and into her own home in Hollywood Hills, California, which was something DeGeneres was keen to ask the “Come & Get It” singer about.

“It’s good, yeah, I can walk around naked now and stuff!” Gomez joked. “Honestly, I just enjoy not being able to have to check in all the time. My mom is the sweetest, so even now she checks in on me because she’s like, ‘I see online you are here. Are you OK?’ ‘I’m fine mom, I promise.’ I think that’s the best thing to just go into my own space, and it just be mine.”

Although, there is talk that Gomez may be moving to New York City, New York, in the near future to be closer to her BFF Taylor Swift. So, how does she feel about moving to the Big Apple?

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“She wants to kidnap me,” Gomez said of her bestie. “She’s been begging me every time I get on the phone with her to move to New York because it’s been a really good thing for her. We’ve been friends for seven years, and she really feels like she stepped into her own and became a woman there. She’s like, ‘All right, your turn. Now come on.’ I feel like I might eventually, but not right now.”

It’s been a tough year for Gomez, so when she was asked to rate herself on a scale from one to 10, her answer was pretty positive.

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“I’m a seven,” she admitted. “I feel like I have been doing this for so long that people tend to forget and are like, ‘Be yourself, be yourself,’ but I’m still trying to figure out who that is. I know I’m not perfect, and I have a lot of people that support me and love me, and I don’t know — I don’t want to let anyone down, so I try to be the best I can be. It’s awkward being 20, in our 20s.”

Watch Selena Gomez on The Ellen DeGeneres Show below.

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