Zac Efron is over Michelle Rodriguez: Check out his new gal

Has Zac Efron already moved on from his two-month summer fling with Michelle Rodriguez?

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It looks like it could be — the Neighbors star has been seen cozying up with a new leading lady: Sami Miró.

The pair has been linked since mid-September, when they were seen on a double date with Dylan Penn and another man at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica, and then again when they went to a Dodgers game together on Sept. 22. Last week, a source told E! News that Efron and Miró were seen together at Foodlab in Los Angeles, where Efron was reportedly overheard introducing the blonde as his “girlfriend.”

Now, they’ve been photographed together in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Miró posted a photo tagged in Copenhagen to her Instagram, though Efron wasn’t in the snap.

Photo credit: Sami Miró/Instagram

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Regardless of whether the two are officially a thing, they’re spending a lot of time together, which makes us wonder: Who exactly is Sami Miró?

Photo credit: Sami Miró/Instagram

According to her LinkedIn, Miró lives in Los Angeles and works in Santa Monica at Demand Media Studios, a digital content and media company. She’s been there only since July, according to her Facebook, and her Instagram says she also owns her own company, Sami Miró Vintage, which specializes in vintage curation and styling. Prior to that, she was a Junior Olympic state champion in May 2000 and might do some modeling, based on some of her Instagram pictures.

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And we can tell that intelligence must be a turn-on for Zac Efron — Miró speaks fluent French, has a master’s degree in global entrepreneurship and management from the University of San Francisco School of Management and she’s lived and worked in Spain and Taiwan. And those smarts must run in the family because, according to one snap on her Instagram, her brother — besides being insanely hot — is a graduate of Stanford Law.


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