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Lorde has the last word in South Park spoof (VIDEO)

Ya ya ya ya ya.

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As we all learned on South Park last week, Lorde is not exactly who we all think she is. During Wednesday’s episode, “The Cissy,” we all learned that Lorde is actually Randy Marsh, a 45-year-old geologist from South Park, Colorado, and also that she has a mustache.

But unlike some other celebs who have been burned by the satirical cartoon (Kanye, anyone?), Lorde took it all in stride, saying that being featured on South Park (twice now) is “weird and cool.” She even had something to say about the mustache in an interview today with New Zealand’s TV3.

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“I was thinking, ‘Yeah he has a mustache… I mean I have a mustache, but is it that prominent?’ But it was someone’s dad pretending to be me,” she shared. “We actually, in my hotel room, went ‘Ya ya ya ya ya I’m Lorde! Ya ya ya!’ for like an hour, because that’s what they do on the episode, so…”

The “Royals” singer even posted a few clips from the episode to her Instagram, with captions saying how much she loved the message, which was surprisingly positive for a South Park episode. “(W)ell s*** this is downright sweet. take that haters i got a south park episode,” she wrote on one video. And on a clip of Randy’s wife telling him that Lorde should stand up to haters, she wrote, “This is actually surprisingly cute — and from what i can tell also has a message of transgender acceptance (i’m still very new with this type of humour so i’m not sure if (sic) was actually genuine but it seemed so to me).”

Way to go, Lorde, for laughing along with a good joke.

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Check out the video of Lorde singing “Ya ya ya ya ya, I’m Lorde” below.

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