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Josh Duhamel proves he’s actually really insightful

Josh Duhamel has gone from a Hollywood pretty boy to a loving husband and father. But the actor has found something else to focus on these days.

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Duhamel has joined Share a Meal to help fight childhood hunger. His need to help others started from a simple holiday wish.

“Last year before Christmas, my wife kept asking me what I wanted for the holidays,” Duhamel wrote. “I realized I didn’t want any tangible gifts and made sure to drive home the point not to buy me anything material. Instead, she surprised me with a gift I wouldn’t have expected to make such a lasting impact. We both spent the day volunteering together at our local food bank, an experience that was more rewarding than I ever could have expected.”

This isn’t the first time Duhamel has worked to help others and he said the simple gift helped him realize that hunger is a yearlong battle for many people — and he decided to make it a yearlong fight for himself, as well. He explained, “While at the food bank, I talked with other volunteers as well as those there to collect food — an experience that opened my eyes to the faces of hunger in our country. The people in line who needed food were often indistinguishable from the volunteers. Hunger isn’t always something you can see. Hungry kids look just like other kids.”

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Duhamel has joined the Share a Meal campaign to help fight childhood hunger across the United States. His own son reminds him of how many children are out there and how many he can help.

“Since becoming a father, the idea of a child going hungry is something that makes me want to do everything in my power to help fight the problem,” he explained. “I couldn’t imagine being faced with the struggle of wondering where the family’s next meals will be coming from, or the heartbreak and anguish that it must cause the parents and children.

“If we don’t help our neighbors, who will?”

Watch the Share a Meal campaign video:

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