Geraldo Rivera is posting some shameless old man selfies

We’d hypothesize that Geraldo Rivera is going through a midlife crisis, but at 71, he’s probably way past midlife.

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Rivera took to Twitter to make a political statement about Kobani, a Syrian city on the Turkish border, over the weekend. While it’s certainly not out of the ordinary for the longtime news reporter to tweet about politics, it’s not the norm for him to accompany his message with a seemingly unrelated, semi-nude selfie. “From PR, Kobani is the real Benghazi, the besieged fortress where president really can & must safe heroic defenders,” he wrote, adding, “Long live Kobani. Come on Mr. President. Pound ISIS. Infiltrate Special Operators. Don’t let the savages slaughter the heroic defenders.”

Rivera also tweeted another photo of himself on the same day with his family in what looks to be a beachy paradise. It appears that while Rivera wants the president and everyone else to keep their eye on ISIS, he also wants everyone to be well aware that he’s on an awesome Puerto Rican vacation and we aren’t.

It may not be the norm for him to post scantily clad photos, but it’s certainly not the first time. In July of 2013, Rivera posted a nude selfie in a bathroom, with nothing but a well-placed towel covering up his privates, and the caption, “70 is the new 50.” The photo has since been taken down and Rivera later said that he had been drinking tequila prior to posting the selfie. Maybe he’s had a couple of piña coladas on his vacay?

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We’ve got to hand it to him; he’s still looking pretty lean and mean at 71 and in better shape than most. If young people can post crazy selfies, why can’t Geraldo Rivera?


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