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4 Reasons we love seeing Lea Michele move on from Cory Monteith

Lea Michele hasn’t had it easy over the past couple of years. Sure, she is still queen of an uber-successful show, but her personal life hasn’t always been picture-perfect.

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Immediately after suffering the horrifically tragic loss of boyfriend and Glee costar, Cory Monteith, Michele needed a bit of time to regroup and find her focus before moving on. Now, she’s found love again with new boyfriend, Matthew Paetz, and we couldn’t be more proud of her.

1. She serves as a great example to young generations on how to handle tragedy

Though Michele knew of Monteith’s struggles with substance abuse, his death still undoubtedly came as a major shock. Michele and Monteith were coworkers in addition to being a couple, so it’s likely they spent loads of time together. Any time you lose someone who is part of your everyday life, it’s unbearable, and when it’s your significant other, it’s that much worse. Michele took her time to grieve and now she’s spending time with someone else and that seems totally healthy. She’s a great role model to her young fans.

2. She’s searching for happiness, just like the rest of us

It may seem like fame and fortune is everything, but it really isn’t. Lots of celebs denounce the Hollywood life simply because it doesn’t bring them the joy they expected. While Michele isn’t leaving Hollywood, she certainly doesn’t have to base her happiness on career success and she wants to be fulfilled in her relationships, just like everyone else. Her love with Monteith may have been very popular with the public and some fans view her moving on as a betrayal, but that simply isn’t fair to Michele. We think it’s super brave that she is willing to put her feelings out there again and she deserves as much happiness as the rest of us.

3. She juggles her career and dating

Michele is the definition of the modern woman who can have it all. She successfully juggles work with being in love, and anyone who has attempted to do this knows it isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds. Add public scrutiny into the mix and you’ve got one heck of a job cut out for ya! Michele is managing it, though, and gives hope to the rest of us that we really can have it all.

4. She’s showing us to look for love in unlikely places

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Michele reminds us to keep our minds and hearts open when looking for love and happiness in our life. The actress has a large profile, yet she’s not going to turn her nose up at what could be an amazing relationship because of what a person’s profession is or used to be. Though reports have swirled that her man used to be a male escort, she keeps her head held high and her hand in his.

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