John Cleese attacks the most important cat in America (VIDEO)

Oct 13, 2014 at 2:49 p.m. ET
Image: The Graham Norton Show/YouTube

John Cleese must be angling for his own angry pop song, because that's the only reason we can imagine he would insult Taylor Swift's sweet little cat so mercilessly.

The iconic British comedian went off on the feline Olivia Benson (yes, the cat is named after Swift's fave TV character) when he and Swift were both appearing on The Graham Norton Show, and this time we saw the singer's real shocked face instead of the fake one she uses at award shows.


"How did it have the accident?" Cleese asked. "Is that a proper cat? Is it damaged irrevocably? It's the weirdest cat I've ever seen in my life."

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For the record, Olivia Benson is a Scottish Fold (like internet sensation Maru), a breed featuring ears that fold over and a very round head and body. Swift enjoys wearing her around New York City like the cat is the world's cutest, most snuggly scarf.

Can Swift shake it off after such a major kitty dis? She does not appear to have let it go yet, judging from this Instagram post.

Taylor Swift's cats

Photo credit: Taylor Swift/Instagram

Caption: "'Is that a proper cat?' -John Cleese PS Meredith in the background just straight chillin."

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But don't start throwing haterade on Cleese quite yet. Turns out he really is a cat lover and has even more furry creatures than Swift, according to this tweet he posted prior to their joint appearance.


Tell us: Does John Cleese owe Olivia Benson — and Scottish Folds everywhere — an apology?