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What to expect from Gotham‘s full 22-episode season

Fox has announced a full 22-episode order for the pre-Batman cop drama, Gotham. With New York Comic-Con in full swing, we found plenty of spoilers for what’s ahead.

Oh, sweet! Check out who’s already shown up on Gotham

For those who didn’t know: Until today, Fox’s Batman prequel, Gotham, had a limited-episode order. Now that it’s picked up for a seemingly massive 22-episode season (the only other show Fox has ordered similarly is Bones), we’re dying to know what’s ahead for Detective Gordon (Ben McKenzie), his partner and the city teeming with more villains than heroes. Luckily, Gotham fans are getting all the answers and hits they could ever want, thanks to New York Comic-Con’s Gotham panel and subsequent interviews. So, what should we expect for the rest of Gotham‘s first gritty and ingenious season? More familiar faces and an ever-growing mound of bodies.

The Penguin will bring about the demise of Fish Mooney

During Gotham‘s premiere, we met one of Batman’s most formidable foes, Penguin, and watched as Detective Gordon sent him swimming for the opposite shore. As suspected, he boomeranged back to the streets of Gotham as soon as possible. Now that he’s back, will Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) pay for the price she put on his head? Showrunner Danny Cannon wouldn’t confirm outright that Penguin would eventually snack on the fish, but he may as well have, stating, “A Machiavellian rise to the top is something we explore very much and there are very many causalities and collateral damage.”

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A serial killer is on the loose

Cannon also announced that famed Gotham serial killer, Victor Zsasz, will arrive in Episode 7. Zsasz is a completely psychotic serial killer who actually cuts a tally mark on to his body for each of his victims. His skin is as marked up as that of Pond and the Doctor during The Silence episodes of Doctor Who, except, ya know, more permanent. In Batman Begins, he’s an assassin working for mob boss, Carmine Falcone, who we’ve already heard a lot about on Gotham.

VictorGIF credit: Fox/YouTube courtesy of

Gordon and Alfred will further their co-parenting of Bruce

“We’re going to concentrate much more on how Jim and Alfred are going to father him,” Cannon shared of the two men trying to keep Bruce from sinking into bleakness. In particular, Cannon said we’ll spend more time with Alfred. “You start to realize why he’s such a great keeper of the gate and was hired by one of the richest men in the world to protect his son — because he’s a badass.”

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Two-Face is also on the way

Con-goers also learned that Harvey Dent will appear in Episode 9. Batman fans know Harvey Dent is Two-Face. It will be pretty interesting to see him younger and, most likely, without the facial scars.

Harvey DentGIF credit: Warner Bros./YouTube via

Plus, a brand-new villain?

In one sneak peek shown at Comic-Con, images of a new villain with a telescope-like thing protruding from one eye suggested a new villain. We don’t remember any such villain in Batman history and even scoured the full list of Wayne’s nemeses, but none of them had such characteristics. Mr. Freeze is half-robot/half-man, so it could be Gotham‘s version of him. Deadshot is also portrayed as having a high-tech eyeball… but since Arrow has pulled him into their rotation, we can’t imagine Gotham would want to compete right now. Is it possible this could be a pre-Batman, Gotham-exclusive villain?

With a dozen and a half more episodes to go, it looks like Gotham will continue to deliver an awesome mix of “familiar” faces as it develops the story of Gotham, Detective Gordon and Batman. Is there anything else you’re still hoping to see, though?

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