How many creepy clues from the AHS: Freak Show intro can you find?

Step right up and see how many clues you can catch from the American Horror Story: Freak Show opening titles. Check out how many hints we found in just under a minute.

AHS got off to a creepy new season full of scary clowns and frightening freaks. What else does the show have in store for this season? According to an interview EW did with cocreator Ryan Murphy, there are plenty of hints in the new opening titles.

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“We also kept the same theme song but redid it,” Murphy said about the opening titles, which change every season. “I love them. There’s a lot of startling imagery in them. There [are] a lot of clues. A lot of goodies in them for the fans like things that are going to be happening. Like when you watch the Coven titles and you watch all 13 episodes of Coven, you’re like, ‘That makes sense.'”

Taking Murphy’s words to heart, we sat down to watch the opening titles and, after hitting the pause button about a dozen times, spotted a few clues ourselves.

Round and round

There’s a carousel in the intro, which is nothing unusual as it is set in a circus. But Twisty the freaking evil clown also made an appearance on the carousel in the first episode. Perhaps the merry-go-round will turn out to be a place of significance for him. I have a feeling that Twisty was once a scared little boy who was abandoned at the circus by his parents and is now seeking love and attention in the only way he knows how.


A little clown can be seen creeping around the circus train cars, which leads me to believe that Twisty won’t just be lurking around the freak show. I wonder if we’ll find out that he’s a part of the show and no one realizes what he’s doing on his nights off. Either that or he’ll also be killing people at the freak show and not just in the surrounding area.

Little devil

One of the performers in the show was a legless woman, but the intro shows what looks like a legless man (or at least a man with very small legs) using his arms to walk. He has horns on his head and a tail, which could indicate that will be another danger to the performers as well.

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Big legs

Another figure in the intro is a man who is in a wheelchair with incredibly large legs. This is a character that wasn’t in the premiere, so could this mean we will meet him later? He seems fairly benign in the intro, but that could turn out to be anything but the truth.

Knife thrower

Another part of the intro shows a two-headed figure spinning on a board with knives being thrown at them. This could mean either that the sisters will become a part of a knife-throwing act or that their lives will be in danger from someone threatening to stab them.

Two-faced clown

A large, spinning clown head is seen a couple of times in the opening titles. One side of the clown’s face has a happy smile, while the other an evil one. Could this indicate that Twisty isn’t all bad but has a good side to him as well?

Dreads the clown

Another clown in the intro has what look like long, white dreadlocks. From the evil look, he (or she, it’s hard to tell the sex) could be someone else that the performers will look out for. Perhaps this evil won’t be in the form of bodily harm, but will do something like try to shut the circus down and put all the performers out of work.


Another part of the opening titles show a couple of baby dolls in a cage. One has two heads and the other doesn’t. At one point, the two-headed doll rolls one of its heads over to the one-headed doll, which does likewise. Could this mean that Bette or Dot will be trading personalities with someone else? Maybe it just means that one of the sisters will be strongly influenced by another person in the show.

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Kiss the girl

At one point in the intro, two conjoined twin women perform onstage with a little man. The girls kiss each other and lift up their skirt. This could indicate that Dot and Bette are going to discover their sexual side now that they have left the protected world their mother tried to create for them.

Did you catch any clues in the American Horror Story: Freak Show opening titles about the upcoming season?


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