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Chris Brown has a theory about the Ebola outbreak

Chris Brown fancies himself an infectious disease specialist and knows the real deal behind the Ebola outbreak, y’all.

It’s obviously a New World Order conspiracy designed to cut down world population like the Black Death. Brown, who either is not a member of the Illuminati and therefore doesn’t know their real plan, or is a member of the Illuminati and is trying to throw us off track, tweeted his thoughts on the killer virus earlier today.

After getting much flak for his interesting opinion (or being threatened with certain death by Illuminati king Jay Z, whatever), the singer admitted for once that maybe he should just STFU.

That would be great, thanks.

5 Times Chris Brown was sorry not sorry

But Brown isn’t the only entertainer to hold these views. Bronx DJs the Martinez Brothers are also down with a good conspiracy theory.

The Ebola virus has claimed the lives of over 4,000 people, most in West Africa, and has spread to the US, killing one so far. It is transmitted through contact with infected body fluids and tissues. Scientists believe the virus originated in fruit bats and spread to humans through the handling and consumption of bush meat.

Brown remains healthy.

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