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Did The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere tease major changes ahead?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere proved that evil people don’t always start out that way. We’re predicting which of the survivors will let the world change them and who will fight to be the people they want to be.

In The Talking Dead episode that followed the premiere, executive producer Greg Nicotero said, “It’s very, very important to our story for this season to show that good people can be turned bad.” If you watch the premiere closely, is it possible to see evidence of which characters will be turned bad and which will try to stay good people in the midst of an apocalypse?

Here are six things we think will happen during The Walking Dead Season 5

Rick: Embracing evil

Rick wanted to kill everyone at Terminus for what they had done to all the poor visitors who had come their way and for what they tried to do to his people. His group may have stopped him, but there is no doubt that Rick is no longer looking to live a peaceful life and will have no hesitation in killing anything (human or walker) that tries to harm those he loves.

Carol: Where to go from here?

Carol pulled off one heck of a rescue all by her lonesome. She’s a tough one to peg as she has already done things that could easily be called evil. But since each of her acts was done in the name of good, it’s hard to call Carol herself evil. Still, we have to predict that she will continue to take on those tasks that others may not have the stomach for, to protect the group.

Daryl: It never lasts

Last season, Daryl opened up a little bit more to Beth and the two of them had a nice bonding moment. In the premiere, Daryl took one look at Carol and ran over to give her one of the best hugs ever seen on the series. We predict that Daryl has been too good for too long. Perhaps having Carol around will cause him to follow her example and begin doing the types of things that she does to keep the group safe.

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Carl: Stepping up

Carl didn’t have a lot to do in the premiere in terms of fighting, but he’s already proven time and time again that he can take down walkers (and people) without hesitation. He’s killed innocents, tried to keep kids safe at the prison and even had his own version of a teenage rebellion. We predict this season will see Carl acting as a conscience for his dad and continuing to pull him back from doing truly bad things.

Tyreese: Learning to kill again

Tyreese wanted nothing to do with killing at the beginning of the premiere. He couldn’t even bring himself to take out a walker. But once little Judith’s life was put in danger, he stepped up and did what had to be done. We predict those actions will bring on a new Tyreese, a man who will start to see that sometimes you have to take out people to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Michonne: Evil? No problem

Michonne fashioned herself a homemade weapon that was almost better than her trusty katana. We’ve already seen a bit of a roller coaster when it comes to Michonne’s emotions and we know that she’s strong enough to survive alone, but also has the heart of a mom. We predict that this season we will see her continue to use those skills she demonstrated at Terminus and we’re sure she will have no trouble doing bad for the sake of good.

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Glenn and Maggie: True love will be tested

Glenn was the next one in line at the slaughtering trough, but thanks to Carol’s daring rescue, he managed to get away. No matter what happens, Glenn and Maggie always find each other and they always survive. We predict that they will find their love challenged when one of them chooses to do something the other considers too heinous, causing a rift in their romance.

Did you made any predictions about the survivors after watching The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere?

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