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Now that George Clooney’s off the market, who’s the most eligible bachelor?

Women all across the globe were left with bittersweet emotions when George Clooney married the beautiful Amal Alamuddin, and now that the most eligible bachelor in the world is off the market, who will take his place?

Well, according to Simon Cowell, he will.

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The music mogul revealed to Hello! magazine that he has no plans to settle down with his baby’s mama, Lauren Silverman, at least not yet, because he’s going to do women across the globe a favor by becoming the only iconic bachelor left in the world.

I’m the only iconic bachelor left in the entire world — thanks for that George Clooney,” Cowell told the publication.

“I think it’s a title I’ll keep for a while longer if I’m honest. I’ve never said no to marriage, but then again I couldn’t imagine having a kid at one point and now look at me,” he added of his son Eric, who was born in February of this year.

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“I guess I was always nervous I may not end up getting on particularly well with the person I was going to have a kid with, and I didn’t want to make the wrong decision. The fact is, our baby wasn’t planned was actually the best thing for us to have done, and we’re very happy now,” the The X Factor boss revealed.

For now, however, it seems Cowell is content with being a father and isn’t going to rush into putting a ring on Silverman.

“I’m probably in a far better position to be a father now than I would have been ten years ago,” he admitted. “That’s the way I’d look at it. And at the end of the day we have really great nannies that are bloody amazing so I don’t have to worry.”

A baby Cowell is on the way — Lauren Silverman is in labor

But he also can’t wait for his son to grow up so he can introduce him to women.

“I’m going to be honest — I’m not exactly a hands on dad. I want to fast forward a few years so I can take him go-karting and then introduce him to women. There are a few years to go yet.”

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