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Amanda Bynes hospitalized: Is she OK?

We’re sad it’s come to this for Amanda Bynes, but we’re glad she’s safe.

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The troubled young woman has been taken to a hospital just outside of Los Angeles and placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold, according to TMZ.

Her hospitalization comes about two weeks after Bynes was arrested for a DUI in California, which was a shock to many who felt she had rebounded from her psychiatric issues from last year. After the DUI, Bynes seemed to unravel quickly. She was seen at LAX talking to herself and acting strangely. Reports began to trickle through that Bynes had been expelled from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising for bizarre behavior, and her parents admitted that they couldn’t control her and had not had much contact with her since their conservatorship ended months ago.

Bynes then surfaced in New York City, walking the streets alone with a bandage on her face. She was allegedly busted for shoplifting several times, and video surveillance that went public showed her flailing around a boutique in NYC, making obscene gestures toward a security guard. Her family became worried that something tragic was on the horizon after Bynes allegedly attacked a fan in a nightclub Monday night, and they issued a statement asking the public to stand clear of their daughter.

After accusing her father of abuse and saying her brain was microchipped on Twitter, Bynes was taped arriving at LAX on Friday and a car service took her straight to the hospital, where the family’s lawyer and doctors were waiting, according to TMZ. Her behavior is nothing short of disturbing in the video, in which she continues to make statements about her father and compares her relationship with him to that of Britney Spears and her father, Jamie Spears.

What’s even more disturbing than Bynes’s behavior in the TMZ video is the amount of paparazzi assaulting this clearly gravely troubled woman. They stalk her through the airport, blind her with camera flashes and ask deeply personal questions, knowing full well that this is an extremely ill human being. We felt guilty for even clicking play and watching the footage. The behavior of the paparazzi, and the travelers in the background happily snapping pics, is nothing short of disgusting.

Now that Bynes is back in custody, we honestly hope for the best. The psychiatric hold reportedly keeps her at the hospital for 72 hours and can be extended up to 14 days. During that time, her parents will try to to get another conservatorship, TMZ reported. Hopefully, this time, Bynes will be able to get the help and supervision she desperately needs. This is clearly a life-and-death situation.

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