3 Reasons Chelsea Handler won't spill about Jennifer Aniston's wedding

Oct 10, 2014 at 4:05 p.m. ET
Image: WENN.com

Chelsea Handler is known for speaking her mind and she's not afraid to talk about some of her famous friends. She opened up to HuffPost Live about why her friendship with Jennifer Aniston is pretty annoying.

She explained, "Everywhere I go, people ask me about Jennifer Aniston's wedding. Like, everywhere I go. And I always say to her, 'Do you know, being friends with you is a burden?'"

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While Aniston's wedding to Justin Theroux still has no official date, here are three solid reasons why the comedian won't spill the beans.

1. Honestly, she has no clue about the wedding

In the interview, she talked about what her red carpet life is like these days.

Handler said, "You think it's hard to be friends with me? Do you know what it's like to walk down a red carpet and [reporters] go, 'When are Jen and Justin [Theroux] getting married?' Like I'm in charge of that."

2. She has a lot of famous friends

Handler is known for her circle of A-listers that includes familiar faces like Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon and Gwyneth Paltrow. She understands their need for a private life.

Handler shared, "My friends who are really private, I won't talk about them whether they're famous or not. You know, if my friends are really private, if it's bothersome to them, then I wouldn't do that."

3. She's a good friend

Even though she's a bigmouth on camera, the former E! personality knows when to shut her trap. Handler is a loyal friend to the end and that includes any information she's given about the pending Aniston-Theroux wedding.

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"They all know me. Everyone who's friends with me really knows me," she said. "I wouldn't screw you over. I just wouldn't do that. If it was not a cool thing to do, I wouldn't tell someone's secrets. Everything's got a play on it. It's a joke, it's not, like, private information. I would never do that. I'm not interested in their private information."

That's a pretty darn good friend to have in Hollywood — one that doesn't sell you out to TMZ.