Couples Therapy reveals full extent of Juan Pablo’s douchebaggery

The gift that keeps on giving that is Juan Pablo Galavis has reached new douchebag heights. The former Bachelor made girlfriend Nikki Ferrell cry once more after refusing again to say he loves her.

During an episode of VH1’s Couples Therapy, Galavis continued with his crappy ways, not wanting to say “I love you” to Ferrell, even after months and months of dating. And, he didn’t stop there — he actually said that he didn’t feel strongly enough about Ferrell to warrant dropping the L-word on her.

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“If I say it, I mean it,” Galavis said. “I can say, ‘Yeah, I’m falling for her big-time.’ Do I love her, as to tell her, ‘I love you?’ No.”


After Galavis’ ongoing refusal to say those three little words, Ferrell teared up and asked, “When am I gonna be good enough?” and when Galavis wasn’t able to fully answer, he just chalked it up to it being “a different culture.”

Ferrell later told the reality show’s Dr. Jenn Berman about her thoughts on the situation. “I feel like why give someone 100 percent, if they’re not giving you 100 percent?” She continued on, revealing that she feels the Venezuelan former soccer player seems to be holding back on her. (Gee, you think?)

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“If I’m always gonna have this feeling like I’m always waiting for him to choose me, the relationship is not gonna work,” Ferrell explained. “I feel like he could up and leave from this relationship at any time, and he’ll be completely fine with it.”

Galavis’ response to Ferrell’s thoughts?

“She wants to hear ‘I love you.’ It’s a word issue. It’s a feeling. It’s a word,” he pondered. “I feel like I cannot be without her… She wants to hear ‘I love you.’ To me it kind of sucks that just three words will make her feel 100 percent confident.”

We say, run Nikki, run the other way. Fast.


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