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Kristen Stewart hasn’t got time for love, she’s all about her career

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart fans have been hoping for a very long time now that the former couple would rekindle their romance. But that doesn’t look like it will ever happen, especially now that Pattinson has a new lady in his life. So, where does that leave Stewart?

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The Camp X-Ray actress has always been fiercely independent, and she doesn’t need a man to complete her, but it looks as though she’s got no time for love because she’s all about being a career woman right now!

A source revealed to E! News that Stewart is in a particularly good place in her life right at the moment and that she’s firmly focused on her career.

“She is in a really, really good place right now. She is really happy with the films she is working on, and she is in a great spot in her career,” the source said.

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The person continued, “She is finally able to focus on herself and not worry about the nonsense that is out there. This is the best many close to her have seen her in quite a while.”

It was previously suspected that Stewart and her The Equals costar Nicholas Hoult were getting super close and that a romance could be in the cards for the pair in the near future.

“Kristen and Nick are inseparable. They are constantly hanging out together when they aren’t on set. They’ve really bonded with each other and are like best friends now. It wouldn’t surprise any if (sic) us if it turns into something more serious, something romantic,” a source previously revealed to Hollywood Life.

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However, it looks as though, for the time being at least, Stewart might be embracing the single life in favor of her career. Maybe there’ll be hope for you in the future, boys?

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