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Nicole Kidman admits she’s completely baby crazy

Nicole Kidman is in a loving and happy marriage and she’s thrilled to be a mom to her two biological children, Sunday and Faith, as well as her adopted children with ex-husband Tom Cruise, Connor and Isabella. But she still dreams of expanding her brood.

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During an interview with Australia’s Kiis 1065 radio station on Friday, the The Paperboy actress expressed her deep desire to expand her family, saying, “I hope every month that I’m pregnant,” Kidman revealed, “but I never am. I would be jumping for joy if it happens.”

Unfortunately, the Australian beauty’s biological clock may have stopped ticking as she noted, “I’m 47, it won’t happen.”

However, when radio host Jackie O tried to convince her that all hope was not lost because there was a woman she knew of that was pregnant at 49, Kidman let her excitement show.

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“That’s incredible, what a fabulous thing. My grandmother had her last baby at 49, so you never know,” she said. “I’m baby crazy. I love babies… kids, they are just extraordinary,” she continued, before admitting her husband might not feel the same way. “He might not be jumping for joy,” she said, laughing.

However, the interview was not all laughter because Kidman recently lost her biggest fan, her dad.

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Antony Kidman died in September after a fall in Singapore, and his death has profoundly impacted Nicole, who gushed about her father on air saying, “He was an amazing man. We have the tightest family, we really do. Now, I’ll get upset,” she said.

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