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Is Katy Perry the family-friendly star the Super Bowl wants?

It’s official: Katy Perry will headline this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show.

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Sources confirmed to Billboard Wednesday that the “Dark Horse” singer was the final pick from a short list of possibilities, including Coldplay and Rihanna, whose song, “Run This Town,” was removed from an NFL segment in the wake of the Ray Rice domestic abuse scandal.

Word on the street was also that the league was asking potential performers to pay to play the Super Bowl, citing last year’s broadcast, which drew a record-breaking 111.5 million viewers, as well as the fact that previous performers have all seen significant increases in their sales and touring opportunities.

Perry went on record saying, “I’m not the kind of girl who would pay to play the Super Bowl,” and there’s still no word on whether she changed her mind and ponied up for the chance to have one of the most-watched performances of the year. Regardless, it looks like she’s going to own that show and here are a few reasons why we think the league made the right choice going with Perry.

PHOTO: Katy Perry dyes her hair animal red

1. If anyone can follow Beyoncé, it’s Katy Perry

Beyoncé’s halftime performance last year was absolutely, completely, irrevocably showstopping — obviously, because she’s Beyoncé. That is one insanely tough act to follow, but if anyone’s up for the task, it’s Katy Perry.

Perry has a whole catalog of huge, current hits. From “Roar” to “Dark Horse” to “Unconditionally” to “Birthday,” she’s shown she can hang with the biggest hit-makers of her generation, even Queen Bey.

2. For a pop artist, she’s super family-friendly

Ever since the now-infamous “wardrobe malfunction,” brought to you by Janet Jackson during 2004’s halftime performance, the NFL has been sticking with the safest, most family-friendly acts it can find for the biggest performance on TV. And let’s be honest — performers like the Rolling Stones are iconic, but a little too safe. Their performance was great, but not nearly exciting enough for more than 100 million viewers.

Katy Perry knows how to keep it clean, but also puts on an exciting show. She’s the perfect balance for the Super Bowl.

3. She has a huge international fan base

Katy Perry has 55.4 million Twitter followers — the most of anyone in the world. Even though the Super Bowl has claimed artists benefit from playing during halftime, she’s easily famous enough to flip it around and bring in more viewers who wouldn’t otherwise watch the event.

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Do you agree? Is Katy Perry right for this year’s Super Bowl? Or is there another artist you’d rather see? Tell us in the comments below.

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