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Nick Cannon finally says what needs to be said about Amanda Bynes

It’s safe to say that Nick Cannon is going through a pretty rough time in his life right now.

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With his impending divorce from estranged wife and the mother of his children, Mariah Carey, the entertainer certainly has his hands full. But Cannon is keeping everything in perspective and realizes that things could be so much worse. Namely, he could be in the position of his friend and former Nickelodeon costar, Amanda Bynes.

While Cannon is going through a painful and public separation, Bynes is currently going through an even more public meltdown for the second time in less than a year. As she begins to spin out of control and seems to be walking the streets alone, the situation appears to be dire and it’s not lost on Cannon.

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“If this was a person in a mental hospital, would you do the same thing? But just because she’s someone who is a public figure, we feel like it’s fun [to make fun of her],” Cannon recently said to HuffPost Live of the media’s treatment of Bynes. “But, no, this is someone who needs help, and rightly so, she was getting help. And I’m pretty sure she’ll continue to get help again. It’s things you have to deal with your entire life,” he added, noting that he has been in touch with the troubled star within the past couple weeks.

While some of the media is making fun, other social media posters are name-calling and saying Bynes is “self-entitled” and a “Hollywood brat.” But if you take a closer look at Bynes’ demeanor, posture and behavior not too long ago, you begin to remember how charismatic and quick-witted this young woman used to be. Just watching her introduce girl band, t.A.T.u. at the 2003 VMAs is enough to make anyone realize that her behavior over the past couple of years has not been a conscious decision.

Video credit: jemq2005/YouTube

Bynes’ current state is not that of a self-entitled brat. She’s the face of someone who needs real help before it’s too late.

“My heart goes out to her. I pray for her daily,” Cannon said of his friend, whom he counts as “family.”

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