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The 8 best quotes from Amanda Bynes this week alone

Amanda Bynes has come back onto our radar in a big way and she has a lot to say for herself.

Amanda Bynes has a great excuse for shoplifting

Since getting busted for a DUI in Sherman Oaks, California, nearly two weeks ago, there have been countless stories in the media about Bynes, some of which include the rumor that she’s been kicked out of fashion school and she’s engaged and planning her wedding to a 19-year-old bait shop worker from Costa Mesa, California. Oh, and she was also caught shoplifting in upscale department store, Barneys, on Madison Avenue in New York City.

Wait, what? Amanda Bynes is engaged?

However, Bynes realizes she’s now the talk of the town and since reactivating her official Twitter account, @amandabynes, on Tuesday, Oct. 7, the Hairspray actress has used social media as a tool to not only refute rumors, but also to make some bizarre claims and threaten to sue everyone who publishes “lies” about her.

Here are the eight best quotes from Bynes this week (so far): 

1. The tabloids dislike her and just want to insult her every day

2. The truth will set you free — um, what truth could that be?

3. She hates stalkers!

4. She’s not insane and In Touch Weekly has been lying about her entirely

5. But she is getting married and she and her beau will be on the cover of People magazine

6. C’mon, people, she’s actually really smart

7. She’s hired the best lawyer in New York City to sue any tabloids who cross her

8. She’s literally never given any magazine a quote — what, ever?

Split personalities? Amanda Bynes’ original Twitter is back

And while we’ve loved reading Amanda Bynes’ Twitter updates, don’t even get us started on her suspected secret Twitter account, @PersianLa27. There are more bizarre quotes there than we care to mention!

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