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George Clooney buys something only the mega-rich can dream of

George Clooney might have more money than all of us combined, but he’s putting it to good use. According to the U.K.’s Reading Chronicle, the Gravity actor has bought his new bride, Amal Alamuddin, an island in Sonning Eye along the Thames River near Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

The previous owner, London banker Omar Bayoumi wasn’t able to offer much information on the buyer, but he did confirm his property was sold recently.

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A town resident couldn’t keep his mouth shut though. @dan_bcfc tweeted, “George Clooney has bought a house in my village and was drinking in my local last night. We’re going to become best mates.” The attention must have been too much for the loose-lipped tweeter because he locked his account from prying eyes.

Clooney is familiar with the area after shooting The Monuments Men in Fingest last June. The property is located on four acres and was built in the 17th century. It has nine bedrooms, a gym with a steam room, a boathouse, a library and even formal gardens that lead to the water.

The townspeople are excited to have celebrities move in the area. They are even thinking about Clooney and Alamuddin’s children if they expand their family.

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Marisol Frost told the U.K. publication, “It’s nice that he has chosen Sonning and we will make them very welcome. The primary school is also very good — if they decided to have any children.”

There are even quaint activities to do in town.

Sarah Hele shared, “We have the village show every year and the Scarecrow hunt every two years. The village rounders match is also great fun and the schoolchildren do a lovely nativity play in the local church. We are a small, friendly community where people get involved. It’s a great place.”

Now that Clooney has taken care of the wedding and the humble abode, when will the baby-bump watch begin?

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