‘Stay With Me’ parody by Mean Girls‘ Damian will slay you (VIDEO)

This parody of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” is the best thing on the internet today, and we dare you to play it when you don’t wake up alone on Saturday morning.

Sam Smith’s hit album inspired by lost love with a straight guy

Don’t you hate it when you have an, um, unwanted houseguest who won’t go home? Ugh. OK, let’s be real. You had a one-night stand and your flavor of the evening refuses to GTFO. He’s posting selfies to Instagram from your bed and tagging you, and you’re going to get an epically awkward phone call from your mom any minute when she sees it because obviously she would pick today to stalk you on social media.

When that happens, pop open your laptop and play this video. Loudly. And say “Bye, Felicia!”


Mean Girls star Daniel Franzese comes out to his own character

Yes, that is Damian from Mean Girls. Daniel Franzese, Adrian Anchondo, and members of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus teamed up for this guffaw-inducing parody of Sam Smith’s hit song “Stay With Me” and we literally cannot stop watching it.

Fave lyrics: “Why are you so emotional?/ What did you expect? I just met you dancing on the pole/ I’m just trying to give you a little hint/ Boy you need to go and you need a mint/ Won’t you please go home/ I wanna be alone/ I’ll call a cab, where is my phone?/ Oh won’t you please go home.”

Spoiler alert: Franzese does eventually get his way. No word on if he ever got his pink shirt back.


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