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16 Times I screamed my head off during the AHS: Freak Show premiere

The American Horror Story: Freak Show premiere left me gasping with fear and ready to change my shorts. Here are 16 moments I won’t soon forget.

Are you still sitting in your home with all of the lights on? Do you suddenly have the need to run around your house and check to make sure all the windows and doors are locked? Then, like me, you probably just finished watching the first episode of the new season of AHS. Read on to find out which moments nearly made me pee my pants.

Poor Angela Bassett, she had one wish for AHS: Freak Show and didn’t get it

1. The milkman finding the body in the kitchen

The scariest part of this scene was that darn cuckoo clock going off.

2. Elsa walking into the girls’ room with the balloons

I don’t know why, but I found that incredibly creepy and scary. It probably had a lot to do with the music they used for that scene.

3. The opening titles

Skeletons, creepy stop animation, frightening music, freaks and clowns galore: This was the scariest intro yet, and also my favorite by far.

4. Twisty the Clown’s first appearance

While trying to do his tricks for a captive audience, he was almost nice until the boyfriend showed up. Then it all went so very wrong.

5. Jimmy’s hand going under that woman’s skirt

I’m all for a girl having a little fun, but that was just a bit more than I needed to see right after my dinner.

6. Twisty showing up at the woman’s bedside and stabbing away

The way he did it, with almost no pause, was beyond creepy.

Lea Michele gets dis of a lifetime from Jessica Lange

7. Twisty pulling the boy out of his bed

Need I say more? That is literally every child’s nightmare.

8. Twisty’s performance in the bus

At first, it was almost cute, and it looked like he just wanted to make his audience happy, but then it again went very, very wrong. I will never look at a balloon animal the same way again.

9. Meep chewing off the head of a live chicken

I hoped he wouldn’t actually do it, but then he did.

10. Kathy Bates’ accent

I don’t know what it was supposed to be, but it was one of the scariest things in the entire episode.

11. Elsa showing the candy striper a video of how much she enjoyed herself

Talk about twisted. Looks like that’s going to end up in my nightmares, too. The music definitely didn’t help.

12. Jimmy slicing the cop’s neck open

Something about the way he just stood there after and watched the blood pour out really got to me.

13. Elsa’s blue eye makeup

I’ll admit it was definitely a bold statement, but it also was a little too much like a clown for my liking.

14. Elsa singing the weirdest musical number ever

They may have been the best/worst/scariest thing I’ve seen on this show yet.

15. Twisty appearing on the merry-go-round

He just appeared out of nowhere, all quiet in the night. That bit literally made me scream, jump a foot off my couch and left me with shivers and goose bumps.

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16. The freaks chopping up the cop’s body

The freakiest part of that moment was Twisty watching it all play out from the bushes.

What were the moments that scared you the most in the American Horror Story: Freak Show premiere?

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