Did you know you pay a vagina tax? According to Sarah Silverman, you do

That’s right; Sarah Silverman has a new video called “Sarah Silverman Closes The Gap,” where she takes a bold, yet hilarious, stand against the wage gap between men and women. She also shares her TV-inspired pet names for her breasts.
The sharp-witted comedienne introduces herself in this video by saying, “Hello, I’m Sarah Silverman — writer, comedian and vagina owner.” She then explains that by merely being in possession of her lady parts, she’s at a financial disadvantage.

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Despite the fact that women make up almost half the working population, we are paid an average of 78 cents per every dollar earned by a man. Sarah Silverman has decided she wants to close that gap by taking what could be seen as an extreme measure — she wants to become a dude.

OK, so she’s not actually getting a sex-change operation, but the idea does demonstrate a valid point: By having a vagina, she’s losing money.

Sarah goes on to say that women are basically shorted $11,000 per year, or around $500,000 over their lifetime. It is this sum she refers to as a “vagina tax.”

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So, we have to admit, we’ve never thought about it this way before, but it does make sense. If you’re born with an XX chromosome, you can expect to make significantly less money. It’s 2014, people! Can’t we get this fixed?

One of the racier parts of the video is when Silverman peruses her possible new male “equipment,” which comes in all shapes, colors and smells. A particularly large piece of plumbing is labeled “The Seinfeld”. She then asks the surgeon for a “European version.” Ooh la la!

Then, the laugh-out-loud moment comes when she decides she needs a moment alone to say goodbye to her breasts, which are named after a popular pair of TV characters.

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In a very bold move, Silverman advocates raising funds to pay back women for all the wages they’ve lost; however, that’s a pretty unlikely scenario. She suggests donating whatever money she does raise to the National Women’s Law Center. Sounds good to us.


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