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Sofia Vergara is considering hypnosis to keep her hot bod

Sofia Vergara is probably one of the most beautiful women in the world and she has a killer figure, so it may be surprising to learn that the actress has a massive sweet tooth.

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In fact, the Modern Family star’s sweet craving is getting so bad that she’s considering taking rather extreme methods to get it under control.

“I heard about someone in LA who got hypnotized so they wouldn’t eat candy. I’m seriously looking into that because I’m obsessed,” Vergara told Shape magazine for its November issue.

And since her move to Los Angeles, California, a few years ago, Vergara’s food mentally has been challenged, because there are so many great things to eat.

“If you live here, you can’t always order the high-fat dishes like pasta with truffles. You have a little sushi, and when you’re out with your girlfriends you order a nice salad,” she explains.

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The Colombian-born beauty has just celebrated a milestone birthday and since turning the big 4-0, she’s realized it’s harder to keep in shape than when she was blessed with youth.

“Everyone knows that I’ve never been into working out. I was always very happy with what I have. I hit 40 and I started seeing a softness everywhere on my body,” Vergara confesses. “I knew it was time to do something, so I did.”

So, what did she do? She got the help of a trainer, of course. Vergara now trains to build up her strength through the Pilates-inspired Lagree Method workouts using a Megaformer (a Pilates machine).

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“When I do indulge, I exercise a bit harder the next day,” she adds. “My workout motto is really simple: No pain, no cake!” No wonder she’s considering hypnosis — that’s gotta take some serious willpower.

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