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The Originals spoilers we couldn’t tell you before the premiere

Before the premiere, we shared some juicy tidbits with you about the upcoming Season 2 of The Originals from executive producer Michael Narducci. Well, now we have some more.

The Originals Season 2: Two surprising characters are coming back

Because we didn’t want to spoil the premiere episode, there were certain key spoilers we couldn’t reveal before you had the chance to experience it yourself. Now that the episode has aired, we’re getting to the heart of what’s to come in Season 2.

In particular, there are a few characters who were more minor last season that are going to get some big stories in the upcoming year.

Cami ain’t goin’ nowhere

Cami’s the first on our agenda. She really was just the pawn between Marcel and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) for most of the first season until she discovered Father Kieran’s closet of secrets at the end of Season 1. Though Cami is not looking to get involved in New Orleans, you could probably tell thanks to Kol’s introduction at the end of Episode 1 that the original family, especially Esther, has something special in store for Cami.

While she won’t appear in Episode 2, she’ll be back in a big way this season.

“I think that they have one of the coolest reasons ever for wanting to get to get to know Cami,” Narducci said of Esther, Kol and Finn’s game. “And at first you’re going to think it’s one thing and then when you find out what it really is, you’ll be impressed. I was impressed.”

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Though Narducci explained that in the first episode, Cami does seem to want to break free of her ties to New Orleans, “she is connected by her friendships to Marcel, to Josh and to Davina, who she kind of served as a little bit of a big sister to last season. So when any of these characters gets into trouble, you can imagine that she might be pulled back into the fray.”

It’s also important to mention that Cami thinks Klaus and Hayley’s (Phoebe Tonkin) baby is dead, and she feels a certain level of responsibility for that because she didn’t act quickly enough to embrace the inheritance Kieran left for her. Going forward into Season 2, that responsibility is going to continue to weigh heavily on Cami as she faces the possibility of her friends being at risk.

Josh won’t be lonely for long

Josh is another character we’re going to see grow in Season 2. Most excitingly: he’s getting a love interest.

“Without putting the cart before the horse, it’s very interesting to me why Josh is sticking around in New Orleans,” Narducci teased. “He’s kind of Marcel’s last guy from that old regime, that old community. And he’s trying to figure out, ‘What am I fighting for? What is this all about?’ Very quickly he’s going to realize, you know, what do we fight for if not a home, if not our friends, if not the people that we love both platonically and romantically. Coming down the line, we are going to tell some really great romantic stories and, you know, Josh has a really great story coming up. That’s all I’ll say.”

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Don’t worry, it’s still about New Orleans

Of course, we can’t forget the character of New Orleans. Just because the show is moving away from the turf war of Season 1 doesn’t mean we’re going to lose the New Orleans flavor.

“Their family right now — Esther, Kol, Finn — they’re very much in the world of the witches. And Klaus and Hayley, obviously in that last scene [of Episode 1] you could see they have a definite agenda with regard to the werewolves. And there’s Elijah (Daniel Gillies). He’s kind of the last vampire left, the last of the pure-blooded original vampires. And, you know, you also have Marcel and his agenda to build this new community,” Narducci explained. “The first season was very much about these four kinds of people, you know: the humans, the werewolves, the witches and the vampires, and the original family caught in between that. Now, it’s just that those different sides all have a little bit more at stake.”

Narducci continued, “We are going to absolutely explore New Orleans and that four-sided political agenda and how could these different people ever live in peace. But the war is just much more personal because now it’s brother versus brother and all those sides are represented by the Mikaelson extended family.”

The Originals airs Monday at 8/7c on The CW.

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