Gone Girl's Rosamund Pike says women have crazy views on relationships

Oct 8, 2014 at 11:14 a.m. ET
Image: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com

Things in Rosamund Pike's life couldn't be better: Her Hollywood star is rising, she has baby No. 2 on the way and she's in a loving relationship — but she thinks women, in general, have ridiculous expectations of their spouses.

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Pike stars in the thriller Gone Girl, the story about an unhappily married woman who goes missing, and she has revealed that when it comes to significant others, women tend to have ridiculous expectations.

Speaking to Spectrum magazine via the Daily Mail, the blond beauty said, "People have ridiculous expectations of a mate. In my grandmother's day, you wouldn't expect your husband to fulfill the same need in you as your sister, or girlfriends, or colleagues at work. You'd have different needs met by different people."

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"Now we want all our needs met by one person, and I don't believe that's possible. Or rather, it is, but I don't think it's universally achievable."

Pike herself is not married, nor has she ever been, but she is in a loving and committed relationship with her partner of five years, Robie Uniacke. She's not worried about leaving him to film on location. In fact, she thinks it's a necessary part of a relationship.

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"I do think separation is key to a relationship. I go out with my partner and we are put next to each other — there's a feeling of, 'What, you don't think we can't operate without each other?' I don't need him as a crutch. Of course, he's the person I want to go home with but he's not necessarily the person I want to sit next to. I'd rather meet someone new, and he would too."