2 Sexiest parts of Ed Sheeran's new video (and all the ways it'd be better)

Oct 7, 2014 at 8:30 p.m. ET
Image: Ed Sheeran Via YouTube

What? Sorry. We couldn't concentrate on you, because we were too busy superimposing our faces onto the dancer in Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" video.

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Whatever. Don't judge. We all love that talented and slightly awkward guitar-playing, rhyme-spitting ginger. In the video for his new single, "Thinking Out Loud," Sheeran whips a pretty brunette dancer across a ballroom and then back around. And, OK, his slick ballroom moments are a little stiff, but there are moments of sheer skill in there, as well.

Plus, we weren't really paying attention to all of his dancing. We kept getting mesmerized by those tatted-up forearms in that cuffed and pristine white dress shirt. Is there anything sexier than cuffed dress shirts or forearm tattoos? We surmise that there is not. So, when the oh-so-talented Brit combined them and showcased them prominently in this video... how could we possibly pay attention to anything else?

Ed Sheeran

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Luckily, while fixated on his arms, we also caught what happened to be, single-handedly, the best move of the entire video: Sheeran playing guitar on the dancer's legs. In the words of Iggy Azalea, "Praise Jesus Hallelujah!" What do we have to do to get Sheeran to try this move on us?

Ed Sheeran

Still. There were a couple things we thought of that could make it better. Like...

1. Why the f*** isn't Taylor Swift his dance partner?

They're supposed to be besties, right? And T-Swift is all about being swept off her feet. As much as we love Sheeran, we also recognize that these two are destined to be together and we don't understand why it couldn't have happened in the video.

2. Or we could, at least, have a more recognizable dancer

The dance is captivating. Don't get us wrong. But we have no idea who this chick is supposed to be, so, as Sheeran's most swooning fans, we kind of already hate her. And that first bout of fancy footwork is just too much. If this were someone recognizable, even if she had considerably less skill, we'd probably enjoy the video that much more.

3. Another option: Prince Harry in Ed Sheeran's role

What? Yes, we recognize this is the most illogical and unlikely thing to ever happen. We still wish it would. Harry is forever rolling up his sleeves and is almost always decked out in nice dress shirts. So, it wasn't hard for us to subconsciously make the leap to his royal hotness. Of course, once that happened, we also couldn't help but picture ourselves as the dancer. Swoon!


4. An extended cut would have been awesome

We like ballet. Some of us even called ourselves dancers for a time. But, when the video starts out with that stupid walk across the floor, we couldn't help but cringe. It's a little awkward. We would love a 30-second intro of these two pre-dance to see what led to it. Are they at a poorly attended wedding? Or are they practicing for a dance competition? Or is this just, like, run-of-the-mill Saturday afternoon errands for Sheeran while not on tour? We need more info!

5. We'd also like additional dancing from Sheeran

Gingerman was a little stiff during the ballroom sequences. This is true. Occasionally, however, we saw an inkling of actual flow. When she makes his heart beat or when he does those quick hand movements at the minute mark? Yeah. Has anyone ever challenged Sheeran to a pop-and-lock competition? ( A "pop-and-lock-off?") Something tells us he may not suck. He probably wouldn't win. But, whatever.

What did you think of the video? Be honest: Did you change out the dancer for your own face/body? Tell us below!

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