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Watching Haley Joel Osment teach sex ed makes us uncomfortable (VIDEO)

Haley Joel Osment may have stolen your heart as Forrest Gump’s absolutely adorable son, but now he wants to win your heart and then get in your pants.

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It seems the child star who everyone fell in love with in the ’90s is back, and he’s back in one of the weirdest ways we could imagine — as an inexperienced sex ed instructor who seems to be learning more from his world-wise students than they’re learning from him.

Haley Joel Osment in Sex Ed

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Haley Joel Osment plays Ed Cole, a well-intentioned teacher who lands his first teaching job at an inner-city school. Apparently, the teens are all sexed up with no idea what puberty really means. Sensing that some enlightenment might be in order, Cole decides to dive headfirst into the oh-so-awkward world of sexual education. The premise is made all the more awkward by the fact that Cole is himself a virgin.

Haley Joel Osment in Sex Ed

Osment should know a thing or two about those awkward teenage years. Many remember him as the pale-faced cutie-pie who saw dead people in M. Night Shyamalan’s The Sixth Sense, but the actor disappeared from the big screen after outgrowing the “cute kid” phase that had garnered him so much attention.

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Now that he’s an adult, he’s been making a comeback with a variety of television and supporting film roles, most recently landing a role as a Nazi in Kevin Smith’s upcoming Yoga Hosers.

But, no matter how much distance he tries to put between himself and his child actor days, we can’t help but feel a bit too much like Mrs. Robinson as we watch Osment talk about sex.

Haley Joel Osment in Sex Ed

Sex Ed also features Abby Elliott (Saturday Night Live) and Lamorne Morris (New Girl) and hits theaters Nov. 7.

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