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People are hating on this #TURNOUTFORWHAT video that we love — what gives?

A bunch of celebrities turned out for a great cause and they are getting nothing but hate from comments on YouTube. On Tuesday, the #TURNOUTFORWHAT video campaign from Rock The Vote was released to encourage people to get to the polls for midterm elections on Nov. 4.

The video features Lil Jon’s “Turn Down For What” song with the performer heading into his local voting station to vote. He runs into famous faces like Lena Dunham and fitness trainer Tracy Anderson along the way. Other celebrities found in the polling place, include Natasha Lyonne, Ireland Baldwin and Glee actor Darren Criss.

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Each star explains why they are turning out to vote on election day. While Criss explains he is voting for education, Lyonne is there for prison reform and Sophia Bush is turning out for women’s rights.

While the stars were all there for a great cause, the comments on YouTube certainly don’t see it that way. Their views were filled with hate, vitriol and the assumption that everyone in the video was a Democrat.

BaneClandestine wrote, “I’m surprised at the end of the video it didn’t say endorsed and sponsored by the DNC [Democratic National Convention], as that is what it was. A DNC advert.”

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K Koenig said, “I’m turning out to counteract the votes of these idiots…”

Adam shared, “‘Reproductive Rights.’ Yeah, f*** letting the father have any say in the matter, or giving a s*** about the baby. I mean, it’s not like you didn’t both consent to having unprotected sex, and therefore accepted the chance of pregnancy from your actions.”

Bess Byers had a more pragmatic approach. She said, “I’m turning out to vote because I believe politicians leaving us $17.8 trillion in debt is unacceptable and unpatriotic, although you don’t hear celebrities singing about that…p.s.This video is everything wrong with Hollywood and politics.”

Andrezej Sienko wrote, “Wow, I’m not certain what I just saw, but that was horrible. Was this supposed to motivate people to vote, or show us the reason democracy has failed in America? Whoever the hell the people in this video are, they should not be allowed [to] vote.”

At least there was one voice of reason in the comments on the video site. garyto naptown summed up, “Vote independent people if your [sic] going to vote. Want to see things different do things different. Stop voting for the same two parries. Holla at your congressman clap the senators.”

Watch the #TURNOUTFORWHAT video.

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