Split personalities? Amanda Bynes’ original Twitter is back

Amanda Bynes has come back on the radar lately, and unfortunately, it’s for all the wrong reasons.

6 Crazy things about @PersianLa27 that prove it is Amanda Bynes

The troubled starlet has been engaging in bizarre behavior since her DUI arrest nearly two weeks ago, and now that she’s returned to her official Twitter account @amandabynes, we have a feeling she’s going to give the media even more to talk about.

Bynes’ verified account had been inactive since May 15, but she reactivated it on Tuesday, Oct. 7 and she’s finally decided to give her fans a status update, to make sure that they don’t believe everything they read about her in the tabloids.

Bynes arrived in New York City last week after she was busted for DUI, and rumors emerged that she had been kicked out of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Irvine, California. But she wants her fans to know that she plans to stay in the Big Apple, and that she’s changing her studies from fashion to psychology. Oh, and she totally hates stalkers.


Amanda Bynes’ behavior gets her kicked out of fashion school

But just because Bynes’ official account is active once again doesn’t mean that she has been avoiding social media all this time, because we think Bynes has been using a secret Twitter account for the past few months.

There are plenty of signs pointing toward the fact that the Twitter handle @PersianLa27, which up until recently went by the screen name Ashley, could be the former actress’s secret Twitter account. We suspect Bynes may have been using the secret account to tell people just how ugly and irrelevant they are, as well as refute the rumors and stories written about her.

Wait, what? Amanda Bynes is engaged?

But don’t you dare call @PersianLa27 Amanda or you will get blocked — which is bizarre since her screen name is Amanda. Um, what gives?



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