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Here are six things we think will happen during The Walking Dead Season 5

Sure, AMC just renewed The Walking Dead for a sixth season, but we’re keeping our eyes on Season 5 and have come up with some predictions for the new season.

The new about the renewal is fantastic for all fans. This series shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon and it’s great to know that fans have another season to look forward to once this one is complete. That news, plus the companion series that’s still in the works, means that there are going to be plenty of zombies to enjoy for years to come.

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Now that we’ve celebrated Season 6, let’s turn our attention back to Season 5. Grab your crossbows and other weapons you can get your hands on, for the walkers will be back in just a few days. We’ve rounded up every spoiler and teaser we could find and put them together into a list of predictions we think could happen on the show this season.

From Zap2It, we’ve gathered a few teasers about the premiere, which also might give some hints about the rest of the season.

Secrets of Terminus will be revealed

According to that article, a whole lot about the people at Terminus will be discovered within the first few minutes of the premiere. But we think that there will still be a lot of secrets about them that will continue to be revealed throughout the season. They don’t seem like the kind of people who will show all their cards up front, not by a long shot.

Grossness will abound

We’re sort of basing this on what was said in the article above, but we’re also throwing this out there because, well, this is The Walking Dead. The show has been grossing us out for four season so far and just when we think things couldn’t possibly get more disgusting, they always do. So it’s probably a good idea to skip eating dinner until after you watch each episode.

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Bring on the tears

Along with the gross, this show has always delivered on the tears. Just because the series is about the zombie apocalypse doesn’t mean it can’t have heart. In fact, the apocalypse just adds to the heartbreak. Anyone remember Lizzie and Mika from last season? Yeah, so do we and we’re sure that TWD probably has something even more tragic up their sleeves for Season 5.

Death becomes them

It wouldn’t be another season of The Walking Dead if people we cared about didn’t die in horrible, bloody ways. It’s hard to pick who might be lost this season as we love so many of the characters, but if there was a gun put to our head (or a zombie sent after us) we’d probably predict that some of the likely candidates would be Abraham or maybe Bob, since they always manage to put themselves in a lot of danger. Since there’s always at least one shocking death per season, we have to wonder which of the main characters could go next. Could it be Carol or maybe Glenn, or what about Beth or Maggie? Any death would be hard, but those would kill us.

Rick is out of control… or is he?

In a recent article on EW, “the group prevents Rick from taking [a] certain action that could come back to haunt them later.” Could that mean that Rick might again be close to going feral and murdering someone? If that’s the case, then we have to wonder if he could end up learning from whatever the group says to stop him and calms down. We already know from the previews that Rick is going to kick some major tail to get his people out if he has to, but will he learn to control those violent tendencies as well?

Another baby?

Glenn and Maggie’s love has survived the zombie apocalypse, but is it strong enough to bring a new life into the world? Rick’s baby girl has made it so far, but it’s been far from easy, and who knows how long it will be before father and daughter are reunited. Yet we can’t help but hope that maybe somehow Maggie and Glenn could make it happen. After all, if no one has any children then what are they ultimately fighting for?

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The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres on Sunday, Oct. 12 at 9/8c on AMC. What are your predictions for the upcoming season?

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