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Watch Jimmy Fallon, ‘Ew’ about everything (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon’s super-popular “Ew” skit has reached new heights after its “official” music video was released on Monday night’s The Tonight Show.

The funny “Ew” series features Fallon as his tween alter ego Sara, sporting a blond wig, braces and cutesy girly clothes. In each episode, the funny host features a guest “friend” to “ew” with and express their disgust together about everything in sight.

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In the video, his new gal pal is a fellow tween named, who is played by — you guessed it — Fallon’s new BFF is a very adorkable girl who wears her hair in a bun held up by a giant flower headband. also sports a serious brace-like mouthpiece along with some stylin’ light green specs.

Starting off at a school dance, the music video features the two girls doing what they do best: showing their distaste for anything and everyone.

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“Seriously? Look at her butt, she looks like a slut!” the pair begins singing. “Oh, you’ve got to see that! OMG, I can’t believe it!”

After “ewing” about a series of things and people, goes on to criticize a fellow student. “You’re gonna frickin’ flip, like seriously freakin’ flip, cause Sally’s mad at Iggy because Iggy’s booty is more biggy and Sally’s booty is twiggy, so she called her friend Cindy, now Sally is gonna get impleggies.”

Sara looks at her pal and asks, “What’s impleggies?” and replies, “Implants, silly!”

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So the duo look at each other and both let out a combined, “Eeeew!”

“I’m thinking for real, I think silicone butts are ew, ew!” says

The dorky pair go on “ewing” about ugly outfits and other girls at the dance (“What’s up with those duck lips?”) and taking turns showing off their moves on the dance floor. They keep rapping and expressing more repugnancies until Sara’s stepdad, Gary, shows up to ruin the girls’ fun. The whole thing is hysterical.

You can watch the entire video below.

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