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5 TimesThe Voice auditions were better than the originals

Our generation tends to give singing contests a lot of grief. But The Voice, especially, has had some insanely talented singers throughout its short run thus far.

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There’s something to be said about performers who come into fame from putting in blood, sweat and tears, instead of winning a contest. They didn’t necessarily have rock stars and country legends backing them or a television network promoting them.

That said, what’s the harm in auditioning for The Voice and aiming for a little more career promotion if you can get it? During its seven seasons, The Voice has unleashed upon the world some pretty talented singers. As a matter of fact, even in those first episodes full of blind auditions, we’ve experienced some moments where those covers were even better than the originals.

Like these guys…

Matt McAndrews — “A Thousand Years”

Nothing against Christina Perri. Honest. But during certain parts of “A Thousand Years,” her voice hits notes that make us cringe. McAndrews’ version was just a touch deeper and he wrangled in a lot of the shrillness. So good.

Christina Grimmie — “Wrecking Ball”

We love “Wrecking Ball.” We love it so hard. What Grimmie did to it, though, made us love it even more. Just like it truly showcased Miley Cyrus’ emotional range, it did the same for this formerly unknown singer. She knocked us off our feet… not unlike a wrecking ball.

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Clarissa Serna — “Zombie”

All of us ’90s girls love The Cranberries’ “Zombie,” but not all of us can sing in their super-high register. What Clarissa did for the song kept it awesome, but made it infinitely more approachable.

Matthew Schuler — “Cough Syrup”

Holy s***, we still can’t grasp how quickly those chairs whipped around for Schuler. What was it… eight notes in? Such an amazing performance.

Jonny Gray — “All These Things That I’ve Done”

It’s hard for anyone to top The Killers. But we think Gray did a pretty good job at least living up to their talent. While the song starts off slow, it builds into such an anthem. And, yeah, we get the irony and significance of his being in the Air Force and choosing to sing “I got soul, but I’m not a soldier.”

Who did we forget? Tell us below and you might just see your favorite singer added to our list.

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