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Morrissey is surprisingly nonchalant about having cancer

Morrissey has apparently been hospitalized several times this past year and revealed that he’s been fighting cancer.

However, despite his dire diagnosis, Morrissey is not afraid and is determined to go on living his life undeterred, accepting that he may die, or he may not, the Daily Mail reported.

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“They have scraped cancerous tissues four times already, but whatever,” the singer said via the Spanish newspaper El Mundo. “If I die, then I die. And if I don’t, then I don’t. Right now I feel good.”

Morrissey went on explaining his recent sickly appearance, saying that, “I am aware that in some of my recent photos I look somewhat unhealthy, but that’s what illness can do. I’m not going to worry about that, I’ll rest when I’m dead.”

While the former Smiths front man did not reveal what type of cancer he has, the fact he had cancerous tissues scraped off by doctors may possibly indicate he has some kind of skin cancer. Meanwhile, the iconic vocalist underwent several other health issues throughout the past 18 months as well.

Morrissey suffered a bleeding ulcer and a serious bout of pneumonia subsequently in early 2013 and then had bad food poisoning in July of that same year. More recently, Morrissey was forced to cancel his U.S. tour after he contracted a respiratory infection this past June.

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The 55-year-old songwriter actually admitted that he’s at a point where he probably should stop singing and said once he finishes the novel he’s writing, he may retire for good.

“I’m at an age when one should no longer be making music. Many composers of classical music died at age 34. And I’m still here, and nobody knows what to do with me,” Morrissey said in July. “My novel is coming along well, but it would be presumptuous of me to talk about something that is not finalized yet.”

But, he said that when the book is published next year he may be lucky enough to “stop singing forever, which would make many people happy!”

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