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The Originals Season 2: Two surprising characters are coming back!

It’s safe to say The Originals Season 2 is a full family affair.

Executive producer, Michael Narducci, gave us the scoop on all the characters returning to the show. Baby Hope and Rebekah (Claire Holt) may be the only familiar faces to make an unexpected return, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the family isn’t also returning.

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“We’re going to see Rebekah. We’re going to see Baby Hope. And that’s going to be an important thing. As to what Esther’s plan for that baby is, you know, Esther thinks the baby died. Esther doesn’t know where Rebekah is. She’s coming back with a definite agenda that we’ll start to see unpacked in Episodes 2 and 3.”

Last season, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) stayed in New Orleans to be the targets for the family. But eventually, according to Narducci, Esther’s plan will spread to wherever Rebekah is with the baby.

Kol and Finn will also be rejoining the Mikaelsons in New Orleans, though Mama Esther brings them back in new bodies.

“If we’re ever going to see these characters again, we need to do it now because when The Other Side [from The Vampire Diaries mythology] goes away, these characters are gone,” Narducci explained of the show’s decision to bring these characters back for Season 2.

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Narducci joked, sort of, that Finn is the Norman Bates (from the movie, Psycho) of the show with his “obsessive need to appease his mother. And we’re going to explain where that comes from and why he is so adamantly on Esther’s side.” Narducci promises there’s a “mission statement behind what he’s doing. There’s a world where you’re kind of rooting for him, too.”

On the other hand, Kol is the Loki (of the Thor universe) of The Originals. “You never know where you’re going to stand with this guy, what he’s going to be up to. I absolutely believe that Esther brings him back to be on her side and to be a force that she can use to do, ultimately, what she wants to do, and that’s eliminate vampires. But where does he fall in terms of his loyalties and alliances is one of the great stories we’re going to play over the course of the season.”

Mikael will also be wreaking havoc on his family.

According to Narducci, Davina has a strong desire for revenge “because of what happened to Tim and how much she hates Klaus.”

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“It made some kind of sense that she would channel these dark objects and bring back The Destroyer, Mikael, so that we could imagine,” Narducci said. “If we did that with everybody, that would feel kind of like overkill and too much and death doesn’t mean anything.”

This led to creative conversations in the writer’s room about making Esther a New Orleans ancestral witch because she was consecrated on the grounds. And, obviously, if Esther came back, she’d want to bring her sons back with her. “Poor Henrik was never supernatural,” Narducci was sure to point out of Esther’s youngest son, which explains why he will be the only Mikaelson not returning.

Esther wouldn’t put Kol and Finn into “vampire bodies because she hates vampires. She would put them into witch bodies,” which is exactly what we see in Season 2.

Though Finn and Kol will look different in Season 2, as opposed to the characters we got to know on The Vampire Diaries, we will still have an opportunity to see them in their original forms, thanks to flashbacks, which Narducci told us we’ll get a lot of in Season 2, especially concerning history of the entire Mikaelson clan.

“We talked a lot about how Season 1 was kind of like this mob drama. And if you’re going to do a Season 2, if the first season was The Godfather, the second season was The Godfather 2. And the thing I love about the structure of Godfather 2 is it takes the story forward and it also explores what happens in the past simultaneously. So, there’s going to be even more flashbacks this season.”

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