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Kim Kardashian schools us on Instagram annoyances

Oh dear, Kim Kardashian has proved to the world she’s a know-it-all with her latest rant about the appropriate ways to use Instagram.

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We know the reality TV star is an avid Instagram user and she’s forever posting selfies or promotional pictures on the social media site. Apparently, that’s what we should all be doing on Instagram.

Kardashian took to Twitter on Monday, Oct. 6 to let fans know that she’s tired of reading quotes on Instagram, and that people who do this have “major issues.” So, please, keep your quotes for Twitter instead.

In the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star’s mind, Instagram is better used for sharing pictures, like that of a paper bag of your coffee. Just like the one she posted earlier today, along with the caption, “He just gets me.”

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If you scroll through Kardashian’s many Instagram pictures, you’ll admit that it’s difficult to locate a picture of a quote, unlike her sister Khloé’s page.

Khloé’s latest quote picture was posted just one week ago and it read, “Remain humble but still let these bitches know.” But her Instagram page is sprinkled with quote pictures, including this one:

And she’s not the only one to be forever sharing quote pictures; Kendall and Kylie Jenner have also gotten into the habit.

Kylie took to Instagram two weeks ago to share this quote picture, which she captioned, “emptiness we created.”

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While Kendall took to Instagram not long ago to share this quote, which she captioned, “dreamworld. goodnight.”

Hmm. We think Kim needs look at her sisters’ Instagram feeds.

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