Twin Peaks 101: This was written for all you millennials out there

We’ve got everything you need to know about Twin Peaks before the new miniseries airs in 2016.

Showtime announced today that the hit series will be returning as a new limited series event. Original series creators and executive producers David Lynch and Mark Frost will be on hand to write and produce all nine episodes, with Lynch on board to direct every episode. The new series will be set in the present day and will continue the often strange lore from the original show, promising to provide answers for hardcore fans.

But what about the rest of us who maybe don’t remember every detail from the show? Not to worry: We’ve got 11 facts to catch you up before watching the new series.

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It is about the murder of Laura Palmer

The series starts when Laura’s body is found wrapped in plastic on the shore of the lake. From there, the resulting investigation reveals that the former prom queen had been leading a double life and got herself involved in some seedy situations, including prostituting.

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Laura’s death causes the entire town to react

The death of Laura causes a chain reaction throughout the town and many people nearly lose their minds with grief and sorrow. Her father suffers a nervous breakdown and her best friend Donna (played by Lara Flynn Boyle) takes it upon herself to start her own investigation into the murder, but ultimately finds her prime suspect is innocent.

Another plot point involved the lumber mill

The murder of Laura Palmer wasn’t the only shady thing happening in Twin Peaks. A man named Ben Horne was also plotting to destroy the town’s lumber mill so that he could get the land at a cheaper price.

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Sherilyn Fenn became a breakout star after one significant scene

The daughter of the man behind the lumber mill plot, Audrey (Fenn) became infatuated with Cooper and tried her best to help him out with the case by spying around town. In a scene that was talked about for weeks, Audrey convinced the owner of One Eyed Jacks to give her a job by eating a cherry and tying the stem with her tongue. That’s what we call talent.

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The show dipped heavily into the supernatural

While at first the series might have seemed like your standard murder mystery, it quickly became clear that there was a lot more happening than that. This message was delivered in no uncertain terms when Agent Cooper had a dream that introduced otherworldly beings and people who spoke backwards. It was another scene in the show that instantly became famous.

Killer Bob haunted nearly everyone in town

One of the beings Cooper found out about in his eerie dream was a violent entity known as Killer Bob. Throughout the series, Killer Bob made appearances by terrorizing people with awful visions, as well as possessing otherwise innocent and good people to commit heinous acts like murder. Anytime Bob was around, you could be certain that violence would follow.

It was full of strangely wonderful characters

Lots of TV shows have had a list of odd supporting characters, but none will ever come close to the people of Twin Peaks. From the Log Lady (who, as her name suggests, carried a log everywhere she went) to Nadine, the woman with an eye patch who could break milkshake glasses with her bare hands.

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It was scary as hell

If you’ve heard about Twin Peaks, the impression you may have is that it was silly and strange. But the one aspect of the show that is often missed in stories about damn fine coffee and odd characters is the fact that some scenes were so horrific that they could give you nightmares. From terrible murders to frightening dreams, Twin Peaks was actually quite terrifying.

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The theme song became a huge hit

When was the last time you heard the theme song for a TV show on the radio? It doesn’t happen often, but the Twin Peaks theme was so somber and enthralling that it soon began making its way onto airwaves all over the country.

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The murder of Laura Palmer was eventually solved, but the show went on

Don’t worry, we’re not going to reveal who the murderer was, but it’s interesting to note that the series continued after the mystery was resolved. Ratings fell in the second season, causing executives at ABC to demand that the murderer be revealed. After that, the story continued with a subplot that involved Agent Cooper and an old (and insane) friend of his from the FBI.

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The final scene was beyond terrifying

The final scene of the show’s second (and last) season involved Agent Cooper in a way that he’d never been seen before. We won’t give away details but we will say that the way it was left off leaves for some intriguing possibilities for the next season that will air on Showtime.