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Sacre bleu! Gérard Depardieu’s list of past jobs is a shocker

Gérard Depardieu is a particularly interesting and rambunctious man, but since his big reveal about his past jobs, he’s made himself even more intriguing.

Gérard Depardieu has an insatiable thirst for wine

Aside from the fact that he’s considered one of the world’s most prolific actors, Depardieu is also known for his controversial antics, which include peeing on an airplane floor, defecting to Russia, enjoying wine in excess — and now we can add former male prostitute and grave robber to the list of ways to describe him.

In his new autobiography That’s the Way it Was, which was excerpted in the Daily Mail on Sunday, Depardieu confesses the sins of his youth, writing that as a teenager on the streets of Châteauroux, in central France, he worked as a male prostitute, and later he took his profession to the streets of Paris.

“I’ve known since I was very young that I please homosexuals,” Depardieu said in his autobiography, adding that when men approached him for sex, “I would ask them for money.”

Gérard Depardieu pee incident was “humiliating”

The Green Card actor also admits that he occasionally took advantage of his clients and they’d get more than they bargained for.

“At 20, the thug in me was alive and kicking,” he wrote. “I would rip some of them off. I would beat up some bloke and leave with all his money.”

Anderson Cooper gets the giggles during Gérard Depardieu report

Depardieu’s thuggish behavior continued and landed him in jail for three weeks for stealing a car. He also admitted that he and another man used to dig up freshly buried bodies to steal their jewelry and shoes.

Yet Depardieu does not appear to be concerned with the public’s opinion of him and will happily refer to himself as a hooligan. Speaking of his friendship with Russian president Vladimir Putin, he wrote, “We could have both become hoodlums. I think he immediately liked my hooligan side… the fact that I had occasionally been picked up off the pavement dead drunk.

“Like with me, nobody would have betted a penny on him when he was 15.”

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