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Mariah Carey reveals reason for split during crappy performance (VIDEO)

Mariah Carey might very well have revealed the reason why she spilt from Nick Cannon as she sang during a performance in Tokyo, Japan.

The star is heard during a clip on YouTube posted from a fan where she sings, “I know you cheated, motherf***er!” while performing “Don’t Explain.” The telling lyrics occur about four and a half minutes into Carey’s cover of Billie Holiday’s song, which the iconic star wrote for her then-husband when he came home with lipstick stains on his shirt.

Mariah Carey pulling a Beyoncé with surprise album

The rumors have been rampant about Cannon’s possible cheating, but neither he nor Carey has come clean about the real reason for their sudden breakup. Cannon had been linked to several women in the past few months, but he denied there was anything going on with any of them.

Aside from Carey’s unexpected lyric reveal, the songstress also experienced some trouble with her voice during the concert, failing to hit the higher notes. Many fans slammed the “Hero” singer, saying her voice was not what it once was.

Mariah Carey made Nick Cannon wait until marriage to get busy

Concertgoers who attended Carey’s kickoff concert for her Elusive Chanteuse world tour said it looked like this was the end of her life as a singer. One fan wrote on Twitter, “It’s a wrap for Mariah Carey’s singing career. You’re a legend. Time to retire. She can’t sing anymore. At all. What happened?” Another said, “Mariah Carey should’ve bowed out right when her voice was giving out. Save herself the embarrassment.”

Meanwhile, the reason for her struggling voice may be attributed to her troubles with Cannon and the added stress from their looming divorce. Sources told E! News that the America’s Got Talent host may be trying to get his wife back. However, if her recent song lyrics are any indication, she may not be very open to a reconciliation.

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