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Did the Better Call Saul music video just reveal Season 1 spoilers? (VIDEO)

If you’re dying for more tidbits about the Breaking Bad spin-off, then you’re going to love the new music video released for Better Call Saul.

AMC is pulling out all the stops to advertise the new series about the shady looking but actually highly competent lawyer. The latest preview features a music video with a song called (appropriately enough) “Better Call Saul,” sung by country artist Junior Brown.

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If you’re wondering what the first season of the series will be about and what kind of clients Saul will be defending, the song just might give you some clues. There are your run-of-the-mill charges, such as a person being pulled over by a state trooper for drunk driving and someone who decided to declare their love to “Fran” by spray-painting a message on an overpass.

The song suggests that not all of Saul’s clients will be blessed with a lot of intelligence, especially the person caught trying to stuff a George Foreman grill down the back of their pants. That sounds stupid and also really uncomfortable.

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Beyond the more silly crimes, there are a few that are bound to make Saul really work for his money. One verse talks about a woman whose husband disappears in a “most convenient way” who then finds herself under arrest when trying to deposit the insurance check at her bank.

Other possible plot points get even more serious, suggesting that Saul could end up defending a child kidnapper and/or molester (ick!) as well as a person who set their store on fire for the insurance money and accidentally killed a homeless man who was sleeping there.

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The video doesn’t show a lot of scenes from the series, but there are a few scattered about here and there. Mostly they just show Saul looking determined and ready to fight. They also show that although the show will be set in 2002, the look of the series appears to be at least 20 years prior. If you don’t believe us, check out the two absolutely ancient TVs that are wheeled out about halfway through the video.
Better Call Saul is set to premiere in February 2015 on AMC.

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