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Celebrity sing-off: Mariah Carey vs. Bill Murray

This Monday morning brings us a couple of recent developments in celebrity performances, and they are both delicious, for entirely different reasons. Mariah Carey bombs on stage and Bill Murray owns Bob Dylan’s “Shelter From the Storm.”

Is it just us or can Bill Murray do no wrong these days? OK, any days. The man is a lovable genius, and we can’t get enough. Whether he’s getting down with his bad self at a house party to “Turn Down for What” or crashing a bachelor party to render advice, he’s a rare breed of celebrity that cracks us up both on- and off-screen. Here, Murray belts out Bob Dylan’s “Shelter From the Storm” in a clip from his upcoming comedy St. Vincent. In it, he intermittently mumbles the lyrics and (like most of us) belts out the lyrics he knows the best — all while watering a dead plant.

Bill Murray’s presence was the only wedding gift George Clooney got
On the other end of the “can do no wrong” spectrum, we have Ms. Carey. During a concert in Japan on Saturday night, the diva nose-dived. The songstress who has a reputation for accepting nothing less than perfection from those around her and herself inexplicably choked during a live performance.

She’s all over the place. She’s “pitchy” (as American Idol alum Randy Jackson would say), she can’t reach the notes that made her famous in the first place and she barks an inaudible order at the cameraman. If your cat is in the room right now, it will run for cover when you hit the play button on this video. Yikes. We expect the “I was sick” excuses, er, explanations, to be forthcoming.

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