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SPOILERS: Can Carrie hold back the crazy in Homeland Season 4?

Homeland Season 4 kicked off with some seriously powerful moments. What can the premiere event and recent full-season promos tell us about the show’s future?

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Holy cow! We’re still unsure trying to wrap our heads around Homeland‘s Season 4 premiere and everything that went down. From Carrie’s “bonding time” with her baby, Frannie, to the super scary incident in Islamabad, Homeland started off in high gear. But can we expect it to stay that way all season? Looks like it!

Crazy Carrie isn’t completely gone

Make no mistake: While the whimpering, star-crossed love version of Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) may be squelched, she’s still crazy. While it looks like she might make it through an entire season on her meds, there are bigger issues at hand. When it comes to her relationship with motherhood, no more proof is needed than the premiere’s disturbing instance of Carrie almost drowning baby Frannie.

Sure, she stopped herself. But her uneasiness around the baby points to a serious case of postpartum depression. And she’s still an adrenaline junkie. In that season-long promo Showtime rolled out at the end of the premiere, we saw her go head to head with the Pakistani ambassador after (surprise, surprise) going against orders. But what sends her flying into a rage and demanding someone’s death? Only time will tell.

Saul will make a triumphant return

While the premiere showed the gang trying to position Saul (Mandy Patinkin) as the next head of the CIA once they out Lockhart (Tracy Letts), we don’t think that’s where he’ll land. CIA heads don’t show up in Islamabad to hang out with the operatives they used to mentor and we know for a fact that Saul will show up to help out Carrie… whether she wants it or not. Will he make it through the season, though? As much as we love Patinkin/Saul and don’t want to say goodbye, we have our doubts.

We’ve seen Saul with his arms up as if he’s about to be frisked or arrested, and we’ve witnessed Carrie go apeshit about something. Carried may be unstable but nothing seems to ruffle her fathers more than someone endangering the ones she cares about. We’re convinced the only person they could take from Carrie that would warrant that kind of outburst for revenge is Saul.

Still the best Homeland parody around

We haven’t seen the last of Pete Quinn (thankfully)

Quinn and Carrie’s friendship is most certainly on thin ice at the moment. Sandy’s (Corey Stoll, House of Cards) beating proved perfectly that their perspectives on “kill lists” and collateral damage couldn’t be further from each other. But their work-related devotion is undeniable. When Carrie finds herself in over her head in Pakistan, we have no doubt we’ll see Quinn’s return. Showrunner Alex Gansa even hinted to TVLine that we’ll see the two finally hook up, too. If anyone can keep Carrie grounded, it’s Quinn.

Expect way more from Ayaan and Fara

Carrie’s putting it all out there this year in an effort to prove they were right to make her station chief, and she’s got two new people in the mix to help her out. Last year, we saw Fara in the office and at work, but you should expect to see a lot more of her this season. And she won’t just be back at home going over analytics; she’s in the field working alongside Carrie. She’ll also work with Ayaan, who we met in the premiere, in an effort to keep him safe and, hopefully, get him playing for our team. Together, these two could make a powerful combination… and plenty of mistakes. Should be interesting.

One prediction: Carrie isn’t safe

Nothing on Homeland happens without a reason. During the premiere, we witnessed a fighter pilot confront Carrie about the decisions she made to bomb the wedding. We were on the edge of our seats and, honestly, expected him to shoot her. We wouldn’t be surprised if we saw that pilot again — this time on a mission to end Carrie’s life.

Homeland Season 4 is just getting started, and we’re already looking forward to where we’ll stand when it ends. What are you most hoping will come about in Season 4? Tell us below!

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