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4 Super Troopers sequel updates we need right meow

It’s been 13 years since the release of Super Troopers. Remember when we fell in love with mustaches, jackasses, the “meow” game and cops?

Let’s do it again!

Us Weekly recently spoke with Super Troopers star Steve Lemme about the sequel and what’s being planned. It sounds like we should expect the entire Broken Lizard comedy group to return, which is definitely the best news ever. Lemme also teased that the entire gang is trying to grow mustaches for their parts. (So, obviously, we’re dying to see this.)

During the interview, Lemme explained that the biggest hold-ups were legal rights and making sure they had a movie that wouldn’t let down hardcore fans of the original. We’re sure whatever they’ve come up with is going to be brilliant. Since not many details have been released, we thought we’d do a little daydreaming about how they could update Super Troopers and make it just as awesome.

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We’re going to need…

An amazing opening sequence

How do you possibly compete with the way they pulled over that car of stoners? We think it’d be awesome to see the boys throw on all that tactical gear our police forces have now and raid something really stupid. Maybe they could bust into the diner an hour before opening in order to get breakfast before everyone else?

A new spin on the meow game

Just the other day we were wondering what would happen if we played the meow game the next time a cop pulled us over for speeding. We’d love to see what the officers do when they pull over a car of hipster college kids and the driver starts inserting “meow” into his conversation. Or if our band of misfit police officers put on disguises, got pulled over by rookies and then tried to play the meow game with them.

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The return of the chugging game

Last time, we watched Jay Chandrasekhar chug an entire bottle of maple syrup, and it was the most disgusting and awesome thing we’d ever seen. Yes, we know the maple syrup worked because they were in Vermont. But the best way to top it would be a chugging contest with something equally weird or insane. Our money is on Sriracha. Please?! (We also think that the soap-eating incident should be upped by someone “eating” a urinal cake.)

Bulletproof cup

Of course, who can forget Lemme’s bulletproof cup scene? It was a total Jackass moment, and we loved every second of it. It’d be awesome to see it go wrong, though. What if he tries to make a fireproof cup and then gets third-degree burns on his junk? Sounds like two hours’ worth of ointment and aloe jokes!

Sure, many times sequels are letdowns, but we can’t wait for this one. Are you excited for a Super Troopers sequel? Let us know!

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